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Summarize Roller is an important part of belt conveyor. Whether the belt conveyor can work properly is closely related to the quality of roller. The indicators to measure the quality of idlers are as follows: 1. Roller radial run-out quantity (this index directly affects the stability of material transportation.) 2. Axial string momentum (directly affects the service life of rollers) 3. Flexibility ratio  (directly affects the service life of rollers & belt) 4. Waterproofness(directly affects the service life of rollers) 5. Dustproofness(directly affects the service life of rollers) 6. Axial loading capacitydirectly affects the service life of rollers) 7. Shock resistancedirectly affects the service life of rollers) 8. Rotational resistancedirectly affects the service life of belt) Our company adopts advanced roller structure and standard of belt conveyor in GB as the foundation, has carried on the research and development, introduced a wide range of applications, good environmental adaptability, one-time grease, warranty period no need more grease, contact sealing with waterproof, the service life of 30000 hours under normal working condition, do not need to maintain in  warranty period, It is our  SH type roller series.
Structure When designing the roller series, we have considered various factors to make it have the minimum starting torque, high efficiency, long life, the minimum maintenance and the maximum loading capacity. The roller has the ideal static and dynamic balance to ensure high-speed application. Conveyor Tube & Shaft & Housing The conveyor tube of the roller shell adopts the special high-frequency welded pipe of the national standard supporting roller, the special machine tool of supporting roller is used for rolling and cutting processing, and the bearing housing is formed by cold plate stamping. The precision grade is ISOM7, which can make the starting torque small.The shell and the bearing housing are welded by CO2 gas shielded automatic welding machine, which makes the overall structural strength high and guarantees good precision, and minimizes the radial imbalance factor.The shaft is cold drawn to ISOH6 to ensure the installation accuracy of the bearing. Bearing & Seals System Bearing adopts famous domestic and foreign brand :SKF NSK FAG HRB LYC... single row radial ball bearing:
4G204 4G205 4G206 4G305 4G306 4G308

In certain temperature environment, even a small amount of water vapor into the roller will make it rust, thus reducing the service life of the roller.In order to prevent this phenomenon, the roller adopts a series of sealing measures.From the outside, an ABS resin craft protective cover fixed on the shaft can prevent particles larger than one millimeter from entering into the roller;There is a galvanized sealing device with low friction in the roller, which can prevent grease from flowing out of the roller and external liquid from entering the roller. The weight of the roller does not increase after 24 hours of operation in water.Install a set of ternary labyrinth seals made of nylon 1010;These protective measures effectively prevent the external atmospheric medium from entering the bearing room.
Grease The bearing is lubricated with long-acting lithium grease. The grease has good stability in different climates and environments. The amount of grease in the bearing chamber can be used for the warranty period of rollers.
Quality Test Assembled roller loading test bench, the rotation time, stir to make grease into the bearing, under a certain speed, the roller of the radial runout and axial string momentum, flexible, waterproof, dustproof performance, the axial loading capacity, shock resistance, rotational resistance index for testing and give qualified conform to the specified value. Roller Material List
No. Parts Name Material&Brand Place of origin Note
1 Bearing SKF FAG HRB. etc Sweden, Germany, China Qualified
2 Conveyor Tube Q235-A Xuzhou,China Qualified
3 Shaft Q235-A Tang Steel. China Qualified
4 Protective Cover ABS Resin Craft home-grown Qualified
5 Bottom Seals Nylon 6 home-grown Qualified
6 Bearing Housing 08F home-grown Qualified
7 Labyrinth Seals Nylon 1010 home-grown Qualified
8 Sealing Cover 08F - Galvanized home-grown Qualified
9 Welding Rod J422 Daqiao Brand Tianjin , China Qualified
10 Welding wire CO2 H08Mn2Si Tangshan,China Qualified
11 Oil Paint International/ Nippon/Lehua China, Japan, American Qualified
12 Grease long-acting lithium grease /The Great Wall Brand Beijing, China Qualified
13 Circlip Finished product home-grown Qualified
After-sales service commitment (I) Pre-production services: According to the demand of belt conveyor and user's requirement Provide users with necessary technical and product-related information in a timely manner
(II) In production services: Provide production schedule information to customer in time. If the customer requests to conduct production supervision, provide necessary office conditions for the user, and arrange relevant personnel to cooperate with the work.
(iii) After-production services: * Carry out necessary product quality inspection and provide relevant inspection report in strict accordance with customer requirement and related  standard * Strict handling of packaging, ensure that in the process of transportation, idlers do not suffer damage * Follow up customer receiving and help to deal with the problem found on site. * If necessary, personnel can be sent to the site to guide the installation and debugging of equipment. * Train site operation and maintenance personnel according to customer requirements. * Actively assist users to solve problems after the installation of products, and unconditionally replace relevant parts and components during the quality assurance period.


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