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Roller is one of the main components of belt conveyor. Its role is to support the conveyor belt, reduce the running resistance, and make the sag of the conveyor belt not exceed a certain limit to ensure the smooth operation of the conveyor belt. The total weight of idlers accounts for about 30%-40% of the total weight of the belt conveyor. Because of the large quantity, the quality of idlers directly affects the normal operation and operating costs of material handing. From the point of view of belt conveyor system engineering design, it is mainly to select and arrange idlers. The requirements that idlers should meet are: 1. Requirements for supporting materials to be transported and for protecting and supporting conveyor belts. 2. Requirements for buffering material impact and protecting conveyor belt at the unloading point. 3. The idlers should meet the working conditions and environmental requirements, such as low temperature, dust, salt spray, corrosion and other conditions. 4. The structure, size and tightness of idlers should reduce the energy consumption of the conveyor. 5. The working life requirements of idlers should be satisfied 6. Other functional requirements

It belongs to groove idler set, and the installation is front of middle idler. Generally, the front distance is slightly larger than the roll diameter. Compared with traditional designs, this type of design will extend the service life of the belt


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