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Belt conveyor is a category of continuous conveying machinery. It is a continuous conveying equipment that takes the conveyor belt as the traction component and support component, USES idler support and relies on the friction force between the driving pulley and the conveyor belt to transfer the traction force.
It can handing all kinds of powder, granular and bulk materials in a continuous material flow from the loading point to the unloading point on a certain transportation line. It not only plays an important role in the internal transportation of industrial enterprises, but also plays an important role in its external transportation.
Due to low investment, low operating costs, long-distance material handing and other reasons, in some occasions can replace railway transportation and road transportation, has become an indispensable transportation equipment in the production of industrial enterprises.
Over the past 20 years, our company design and production of belt conveyor has made rapid progress in development, more prominent features are the application of belt conveyor conveying capacity, single machine length, motor power, starting and braking technology level has been greatly improved
Based on years of experience and user feedback, the advantages of belt conveyor designed and produced by our company are mainly reflected in the following aspects: - simple structure - energy conservation and economy - wide range of conveying materials - long conveying distance - large delivery capacity - high production efficiency - flexible wiring arrangement - highly adaptable - large lift Angle - flexible receiving and discharging - high safety and reliability - excellent environmental performance - simple operation - easy program control
The following are cases of belt conveyor that our company participated in the design and production:


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