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Frame is an important part of idlers, which is mainly used to carry idlers to ensure smooth operation of idlers According to different belt conveyor site conditions and the link between idlers The types of frame are divided into: Normal carrying frame, hanger and  hook
The commonly used frame include: carrying idler frame, retractable idler frame, transition idler  frame, spring impact idler frame, upper self-aligning idler frame, lower self-aligning idler frame, v-type idler frame, Taper type self-aligning idler frame
The material of the frame is generally carbon steel, according to the use of the environment, in corrosion, acid, alkali, moisture and other harsh environment, can use stainless steel as a raw material or carbon steel surface for hot dip galvanized treatment
The form of frame is generally channel steel, Angle steel or steel pipe and other forms
The quality of raw materials, processing technology, welding requirements and the thickness of frame are important factors affecting the quality of frame


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