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Spring Impact idler

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In the whole belt conveyor, the impact cost is very less, but it is very important for the protection of the belt.In large capacity, large drop, especially on the material loading conveyor with block materials, often due to the failure of impact idlers or poor buffer effect, the whole belt is smashed full of holes and accelerated scrap.The impact idler is also one of the parts with the largest maintenance workload. The "adjustable spring impact idler" designed and produced by our company can adjust the cushioning elasticity according to the impact force of materials on site, and adjust the groove Angle of the roller set according to the height of rubber belt on site, so that the height of middle roller is suitable for the height of rubber belt.Compared with other impact idlers, it has the advantages of obvious protective belt effect, long service life and reducing material loss.And the greater the impact, the greater the benefits. This series of impact idlers are patented products of our company. Patent no. : ZL94247277.2

Structure introduction
When designing this series of idlers, we have fully considered the protective effect of idlers on the rubber belt, as well as the reliability, durability and universality of use.This series of roller sets are suitable for installation in various belt conveyors. --Structure design This series of roller sets are composed of triple roller sets and movable detachable roller frames, which are composed of bottom beam and movable triangular pillar. The idlers take the pressure spring as the buffer force source, and make use of the performance that the elasticity increases with the decrease of the height when the pressure spring is compressed, so that the idlers can increase with the increase of the impulse force, which can effectively offset the impact force of the material falling, and play the role of protecting the belt The active triangular strut of idlers decomposes the impact force acting on the strut of idlers and effectively increases the impact resistance of idlers.Extend service life.

Bottom beam

The bottom beam is welded with channel steel, which has good strength, stiffness and stability.It overcomes the defects of cushioning bottom beam deformation of idler set by large impact material loading conveyor. The tray on the bottom beam is 35# cast steel, which supports the spring and controls the bottom dead center of idler.

Movable triangular support column
pressure spring and guide strut assembly, which is connected with the bottom beam.The movable leg is a channel steel member with good stiffness.The pressure spring is made of 60si2Mn spring steel. Three stiffness springs are designed for each specification of idlers. The guide strut assembly is both the guide column for the spring and the support column for the lower dead center of the middle idler. Adjusting the clamping nut on the strut allows the idlers to arbitrarily select groove angles and cushioning springs within a certain range. So that the transition section receiving belt near any section including the drum has a suitable backing.To achieve the purpose of protecting belt and prolonging service life.

This series of roller sets have the advantages of large bearing capacity, good dustproof, waterproof and long service life.Roller joint is connected by tenon groove joint, which is flexible and reliable, eliminating the defect of frequent damage of roller set connecting plate. Technical parameters of idlers
B M N D H Spring Force KGF/MM
Upper Limit Lower Limit Light Type Middle Type Heavy Type
500 720 130 M12 240 150 8 10 12
650 870 130 M12 255 150 8 10 12
800 1070 130 M12 275 150 10 12 15
1000 1300 170 M16 340 160 12 15 20
1200 1550 200 M16 390 160 15 20 30
1400 1750 200 M16 410 160 15 20 30
1600 1990 240 M16 490 190 20 30 40
1800 2210 240 M16 515 210 20 30 40
2000 2400 240 M16 540 210 30 40 50


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